Jim Miller: ‘Where I’m Good, Nobody’s Better’

January 18, 2012

Jim Miller Kamal Shalorus UFC 128
Jim Miller isn’t a fighter who likes to live in the past.

It’s hard to pick out a time when Miller references wins or losses he’s had unless he’s asked a direct question about it. See, Miller is all about moving forward and looking to the future.

So it’s much the same attitude that Miller carries into his UFC on FX 1 headline bout against Melvin Guillard. Miller may be coming off a loss to Benson Henderson last August, and he absolutely learned his lesson, but now it’s on to the next one.

Wins don’t propel Miller and losses don’t haunt him. He just wants the toughest fight the UFC can give him and it doesn’t matter if he’s coming off seven straight wins or one tough loss.

“It’s the fight that I needed to get back where I was. Getting right back onto the road instead of taking a detour,” Miller told MMAWeekly Radio.

“That’s exactly what I wanted coming off of August. A top guy, a big name.”

Miller and Guillard were both on similar paths and seemed like they were headed for a collision course last year, but the timing never worked out for them to fight.

Now they are matched up and Miller couldn’t be happier because he’s a fan of Melvin Guillard, and that makes him want to fight him even more.

“I’m a fan of the way he fights,” said Miller. “He’s cemented himself as a top 55’er and a very dangerous guy. He can connect and beat anybody in the division in the world, even at 170 I think, if he can fight his game plan.”

That game plan with Guillard seems pretty straight forward. He’s a knockout artist looking to use Jim Miller’s blood, sweat, and tears to paint on his canvas.

Miller, however, refuses to be intimidated by any opponent’s best strength. Whether it’s a world class jiu-jitsu practitioner, an NCAA champion wrestler, or a striker with the ability to put his lights out at any moment, Miller is training to face all three styles no matter who he’s actually paired up with.

“Some people might disagree with the way I go about training for guys and train for fights and stuff like that, but I prepare myself and I know where I’m good. Where I’m good, nobody’s better than me. That’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to make myself the most dangerous fighter I can be,” Miller said.

“I have no idea who’s going to show up so I train for the absolute best striker, the best wrestler, that I’ve ever fought. If there’s an opening and my opponent can’t live up to those standards, then I’m probably going to have a good night.”

Miller will look to have a good night when he meets Guillard this Friday in Nashville.

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