by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
While the “Ultimate Fighter” can be the perfect platform for many fighters to get their name recognized in the sport of MMA, Jesse Taylor is working very hard to get past the lasting image he left on the show that cut him out of the final fight, and out of the Ultimate Fighting Championship one fight later.

The Team Quest fighter is now 3-0 since leaving the UFC fighting at 170 pounds, but on Saturday night Taylor will head back up to middleweight for a shot at title gold against Chris Camozzi at “King of Champions” in Denver, Colo.

Taylor explained to MMAWeekly Radio that the move back up to middleweight isn’t permanent, and in the long run, he can see himself competing in multiple weight classes.

“I’m just at a state right now where I can keep busy, keep fighting. I’m pretty much fighting once a month, but an awesome opportunity and a good opponent for me to fight, and it’s for a belt, and I’ve never got a belt back in my old weight class. It’s a really good opportunity for me and I couldn’t say no to it,” Taylor explained about the decision to face Camozzi.

“I really feel comfortable at both weights. Of course at 170 I’m a lot bigger and stronger than a lot of the guys, but at 185 I feel just as strong. I’m giving up some size, but it’s my natural weight.”

While Taylor admits that he is absolutely focused on Camozzi in the upcoming fight, he readily states that he’s keeping as busy as he is until he gets called back to the “big show.”

“I want to – knock on wood – stay healthy, stay this active and the most important thing is to keep on winning,” he said. “Once I get that call to get to a big show again, we’re in talks with some people, but Strikeforce, Japan or UFC, one of those three, and then I’ll slow down a little.”

The former Ultimate Fighter contender will be happy with wherever he lands, but Taylor says there is one certain promotion he will always call home if they make the offer to bring him back.

“In the long run, the UFC’s the place to be,” said Taylor. “I know Strikeforce and those other places have tough guys, but the UFC’s got so many guys, so many tough guys that I couldn’t say no to the UFC.”

Jesse Taylor will face Chris Camozzi on Saturday night at the “King of Champions” in Denver.