Jerry Shapiro reflects on hometown FFC 39 win

August 8, 2019

Following a loss in his lone bout of 2018, bantamweight prospect Jerry Shapiro was in need of a win in his fight against Josh Wright at FFC 39 on July 11 to avoid suffering two straight defeats for the first time in his career.

Just before the end of round one, Shapiro was able to get a TKO finish of Wright, and pick up his first in since August of 2017 in the process.

“I was finally able to get back in there after my last fight in September,” Shapiro told “It was good to be able to get back in there and perform well. I was able to do a lot of things I’d been working on in the fight. It was great to get the win, especially in front of my hometown (of Las Vegas).”

During his time off, Shapiro both noticed improvements he’s made to his game in training and also able to gauge better how his evolution has gone after having had a fight.

“It was a lot of training, but then being able to pull it off in the heat of the moment fight night was verification of the improvements I’ve been making,” said Shapiro. “You can make those improvements and see those things in your comfort zone with your training partners where there’s not much on the line and not that much pressure on you to do well.

“To do it in the gym is great, but doing it on fight night makes it all that much better to know where you are at.”

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Having managed to only get in a single fight each of the past two years, Shapiro feels like now he’s finally going to be able to make moves in the bantamweight division thanks to some additions in his area.

“Now that FFC is in town, I feel like I will be a lot more active with getting fights,” Shapiro said. “Now that FFC is in town and now that I have a Las Vegas-based manager doing the legwork for me, with those two things together I look to be a little more active.

“I’m looking for sure to get on an October card for FFC. I try not to plan too far ahead. I’ll see what happens, but definitely October, I’d like to get in at least one more fight before the year ends.”