Jens Pulver Co-Hosts MMAWeekly Radio Monday…Possibly From Delivery Room

With co-host Jeff Cain on vacation, former UFC lightweight champion and current WEC featherweight contender, Jens Pulver, has been gracious enough to stop by the show and act as co-host on Monday night’s show.

Not only will “Lil’ Evil” be the co-host, but he may very well be giving play by play as his child is born into the world.

You see Jens is expecting a baby to come due on Monday, but the former champ doesn’t want to let the fans down so even if he’s in the delivery room, he’ll be on the show for sure.

“I may be in the delivery room, but if I am you’ll be getting the detailed play by play,” Pulver said with a laugh.

Monday night’s show will also feature an interview with #2 lightweight in the world, Eddie Alvarez, just a couple of weeks out from his showdown with Shinya Aoki on New Year’s Eve.