by Jeff Cain
So who do Jens Pulver and Yves Edwards believe will win the upcoming Pride Bushido Grand Prix? Depends who you ask. Both fighters were featured today on MMAWeekly Radio.

Edwards gave an interesting break down of the first round match ups, especially his take on the Gomi vs Kawajiri match up. You may be surprised who he picks to win the fight. Edwards also discussed his match with Joaquim Hansen and what he feels his advantages are and what he has to watch out for from Hansen in his upcoming first round battle.

Jens Pulver gave a very insightful breakdown on his fight with Mach Sakurai. Pulver talked about what he learned in past history with Hughes and Trigg fighting Sakurai and also talked about Sakurai’s recent fights. Pulver also gave his account on who he thinks will make it to the GP Final. Great insightful by both fighters today on MMAWeekly Radio.

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