Jean-Paul Bosnoyan 100-percent focused on LXF 4 bout, but eyeing UFC run in 2020

November 15, 2019

For lightweight up and comer Jean-Paul Bosnoyan, the fact that he’s been a pro MMA fighter for just over a year is hard to believe, but he’s already planning for a UFC career.

Having been busy with his fighting career, grappling matches, and his life outside combat sports, to Bosnoyan it feels just like yesterday he was having his first pro fight.

“I didn’t even realize that it’s been a year because it’s just kind of gone by so fast,” Bosnoyan told “It’s pretty crazy just reflecting on the year and how much I’ve improved from my pro debut into how I’m walking into this (upcoming) fight now.

“If I were to fight myself from a year ago I would totally whoop his ass. It’s just kind of a good feeling to know that I’ve improved so much in such a short amount of time.”

As Bosnoyan points out, he feels like he has grown exponentially since his first MMA fight and will continue his quest to improve throughout his career.

“Having an open mind and always being a cup half full kind of guy, there’s always room for improvement,” said Bosnoyan. “I feel with every fight and every fight camp there’s so much Improvement. It just shows. It shows in my fight. It shows in my training. It shows in my sparring.

“I’m looking to keep that sort of mentality throughout my whole career. I don’t want to be someone who’s a closed book and isn’t open to learning new things and evolving my game.”

This Friday in Burbank, Calif., Bosnoyan (2-0) will look to remain undefeated when he faces Spike Carlyle (7-1) in a main card 155-pound bout at LXF 4.

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“Matching up with a guy who is 7-1, and me having a record of 2-0, shows that I’m willing to fight anybody,” said Bosnoyan of facing Carlyle. “Taking a fight like this one, my agency believes in me and so does my coach.

“I’ve prepared for him. Even though on paper he looks like the better fighter, I believe I have what it takes to beat him. As long as I stay cool, calm, and collected, I will do that Friday night.”

Though Bosnoyan is a one bout at a time type fighter, he does admit he has an idea for where he’d like to take his career in 2020.

“I’m absolutely 100-percent focused on this fight,” said Bosnoyan. “Once that’s over I’ll definitely start thinking about the future.

“But being completely honest, I’ve been thinking about 2020 for a long time now, and I do think it’s going to be my year to make a run for the UFC. Get a couple more fights under my belt and everything works out great if I stay humble and stay true to the course by the end of 2020 I’ll be in the UFC.”