Jason Zentgraf Wants Nothing More than to Leave a Lasting Impression at MFC 36

February 15, 2013

Jason Zentgraf - MFCEven though he won his last fight, and third in a row overall, in just over a minute, MFC up-and-comer Jason Zentgraf isn’t pleased with his performance.

“My last fight against Cody Krahn (last August) went well, but it was too sloppy,” said Zentgraf. “I like to be more technical, but there’s only so much you can do when you go for aggression over technique.

“It’s nothing against Cody, he’s a great guy and good fighter, but it kind of threw me off and I wasn’t very impressed with my performance. I want to get back in there with this fight and showcase more of my striking, be more crowd-pleasing and not just a dogfight out there.”

Zentgraf is looking towards having a fight more to his liking when he returns at MFC 36 on Friday night live on AXS TV against Clay Davidison, who is stepping in as a replacement for an injured Luke Harris.

“As far as my game plan and training, it’s pretty much stayed the same (for both fighters),” said Zentgraf. “Clay’s got a good ground game, so I’ve got to imagine he’s going to want to take it there. If not, that’s great because I really want to show off my striking.

“He may not have that level of jiu-jitsu (that Luke Harris does), but I’d still prefer to stay away from there. While I do feel confident on the ground, and I have great jiu-jitsu, I really want to show my stand-up.”

Not only does Zentgraf want to start off the year by continuing his current three-fight winning streak, he told MMAWeekly.com that he wants to make an impression and remind people he’s one of the top young fighters in the MFC.

“It’s been half a year, and six months is a long time (to not be fighting),” said Zentgraf. “People forget really quickly, especially with how saturated the MMA market is right now.

“You really need to make a statement, and as far as making statements, you can’t just go in there and just wrestle a guy, take him down and win a decision. People don’t remember that because it’s not exciting. You need to make a statement and make it a fun fight for the fans, so it’s very important for me to go in there and have a good showing.”

With one fight remaining on his MFC contract after his fight on Friday, Zentgraf is eager to build on his 6-1 record, sign a new contract and earn his way towards a title shot.

“I was hoping that in the fight against Luke Harris had I done well in it, I might have gotten a title shot,” said Zentgraf. “No disrespect to Clay Davidson at all, but I don’t think he’s quite up in the rankings that Luke is, so I don’t necessarily feel a win in this fight will give me a title shot.

“I still need to go in there and put on a great show and for that last fight for the MFC I have to make another great appearance against an even tougher guy and then hopefully after that get a title shot.”

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