Jason South Finally Gets Long-Awaited Shot at a Title at MFC 38 on Friday

October 2, 2013

Jason South - MFCComing into this year, Utah based middleweight Jason “The Mover” South was looking to add to his eight-fight winning streak and become a known fighter in the process. So far he’s accomplished the first half of that and is working on the second.

In two fights this year, South continued to prove himself a dangerous adversary by finishing both his opponents, making him 10 for 10 in his career.

“I was supposed to fight Marcus Johnson twice, and both times it fell through,” said South. “Luckily Kyacey Uscola and Phil Dace filled in when he fell out, and I was able to capitalize on both of them and finish them.

“The Uscola fight, that was the only fight ever that I was kind of on the careful side because I didn’t want to get caught with anything because he’d been on a losing streak and I didn’t want to be his first win back. The Dace fight I felt great. I was able to basically shut him out the whole fight and finish him off quick.”

As for keeping his streak of finishes going, South’s mindset is simple: keep the judges out of the fight.

“I don’t ever think about what I’m going to do in this round or the next, I go in there to fight and push guys,” he said. “That’s just kind of always been my style.

“I don’t want to win by decision or lose or get screwed by decision. It’s always in my hands by never letting it going to the judges if possible.”

Now that he’s started off the year strong, South turns his attention to getting some recognition by challenging for the vacant MFC middleweight championship against “Smilin’” Sam Alvey on Friday, Oct. 5, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“This one is definitely going to be one of my toughest to date because (Alvey) doesn’t go away,” said South. “He’s only been finished once. He’s got a granite chin, is well-rounded, and is going to be a challenge for me to get a win and a finish too.

“I’ve just got to go in there and impose my will on him. I’ve got to take advantage of any hole possible. If I can get a knockout, TKO or submission, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve just got to beat him.”

For South, a win in the MFC will not only give him a title he wants badly, but also showcase him on an international stage and hopefully erase some of the sting of a disappointing Ultimate Fighter 16 experience.

“I’ve wanted an opportunity to fight for a belt since day one, and this is my first one, so it’s just huge for me,” South told MMAWeekly.com. “I want a belt around my waist so bad.

“I’ve been working really hard, I’ve got a good resume, and I wanted people to notice me, so finally I’m on a good stage with a lot of eyes on me. I’ve got to go in there, put him down and get my hand raised at the end of the night.”

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