Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller on ‘Late Night’ with Jimmy Fallon Thursday Night

September 15, 2011

Jason "Mayhem" Miller

Everyone knows Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is a funny guy, but how does he match up next to former Saturday Night Live cast member Jimmy Fallon?

Well, tune into NBC tonight to find out.

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller will be a guest on ‘Late Night’ with Jimmy Fallon on NBC tonight at 12:35pm ET.

Miller will of course be previewing his role as coach on the newest season of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ where he will teach a team of bantamweights and featherweights hoping to make it to the UFC, while he also manages to antagonize fellow coach Michael Bisping along the way.

The ‘Ultimate Fighter’ season 14 debuts next Wednesday night on Spike TV, but tonight Mayhem hits NBC first.