Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Agrees with Dana White In Honest Response After Loss to Bisping

December 21, 2011

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller hasn’t said much since his decisive loss to Michael Bisping at the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ 14 finale, but he’s now opened up with a new post on his website.

Following the performance that saw Miller lose by TKO in the third round to his fellow former coach, UFC President Dana White panned the ‘Bully Beatdown’ host calling his stand up some of the worst he’s ever seen in MMA.

White also criticized Miller’s overall performance, and still sits undecided if he’s going to give the colorful fighter another shot in the UFC or if he’ll release him after only one fight back.

Now Miller is answering back to those comments, and he agrees with everything that White had to say about him, and he’s taking ownership of his performance.

“Dana White was right,” Miller wrote. “He made some disparaging comments about my performance, and I agree with him. I displayed the worst of everything that night in the octagon. I was tense in round one and I locked up after that. I didn’t perform to my potential, and I take full responsibility for it. That wasn’t a UFC caliber performance, and I’m not happy about it.

“I won’t, however, write a worthless diatribe on myself, because that is not constructive. I elect instead to take this misstep and make something positive out of it.”

It’s not often that a fighter can look back on a performance and be so honest to say that they simply didn’t show up on that night. In a day where excuses seem to come flying from every direction when somebody loses, be it an injury not revealed before the fight, or some other mystery ailment, it’s refreshing to hear Miller say he just didn’t do well.

Now, Miller is moving on from the defeat and focusing on the positives going forward. He’s revamping his training while working in Holland along side fellow UFC fighter Siyar Bahadurzada and famed Golden Glory coach Martin De Jong.

“We are all the custodians of our own destinies, and we must all try to do the absolute best with what we have to work with- sometimes you will have great successes and other times colossal failure, but if you don’t try time and time again, you will be left on your couch with nothing but a bucket of “What-ifs.” You have no choice in this life but to push forward and try to do the best you can,” Miller said.

“My challenge to you, and myself, is to continue to press on and make the most of your adventure here on earth. At the end of your life you want to be sure that you’ve made your best effort to make a collection of epic stories. Some sorrowful ones, some happy ones and some downright amazing, but the challenge for you is to find and make the most of each of these adventures.”

There’s been no word on when or even if Miller will get a second chance to prove himself in the Octagon, but it sounds like he’s focused on the right things and moving past the negative.

Mistakes were made, that’s clear. Now Miller is working to fix those mistakes and become a better fighter.

“I made a lot of mistakes in this story- during the camp, during the fight- but the key to living life is learning from your mistakes and making positive change,” Miller stated. “I feel very positive right now, and I hope you feel the same way, I would be absolutely nothing without persistence and positive thinking, and if there is anything i want you to take from my blog it is that mentality.

“I will continue on this amazing journey, looking to make the most epic stories that I can.”

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