Jardine Unsure Who’s No. 1 Light Heavy

Typically, most people automatically say whoever holds the title in the UFC is the No. 1 guy in that division, at least in the UFC, right?

Well, Keith Jardine isn’t so sure… and that’s not because he’s bragging and saying that he is the No. 1 guy in the UFC’s 205-pound division.

Obviously referring to a crazy round-robin of wins and losses, the UFC’s light heavyweight division does make for some strange MMA math. Rampage beat Liddell who beat Wanderlei who beat Jardine who beat Forrest who beat Rampage and is the champ. Say what?!

“This was a huge fight,” said Jardine after his win over Brandon Vera at UFC 89 before adding, “The division is weird. Forrest (Griffin) is the champ right now, but who knows who the best guy is? It could be the number one guy. It could be the number ten guy. There’s a lot of undefeated guys. There’s a lot of guys coming up. I think it’s going take a year or so to sort this thing out.”