James Vick Rips Kevin Lee After Claiming He Turned Down Several Fights Against Him

February 15, 2019

James Vick wants to make one thing perfectly clear — the only fight or fighter on his mind right now is Paul Felder and their co-main event showdown on Sunday night in Phoenix.

That said, Vick can only answer the questions he asked and one name that has come up a lot with him over the past couple of years is former interim title contender Kevin Lee.

Vick had called for a fight with Lee on several occasions but the matchup never came together.

It’s not for a lack of trying according to Vick, who claims that Lee turned down several opportunities to face him in the past. That’s why he’s no longer thinking about facing Lee in the future because it would just be wasted energy at this point.

“Here’s the thing with Kevin Lee, I’ve called this dude out for two and a half or three years now. At what point do I look desperate by keep asking this guy to fight me,” Vick said ahead of his fight on Sunday. “It gets annoying. It does make sense that we would fight with me getting a win over Felder. It 100-percent makes sense. He’s coming off a loss. He’s still ranked above me. There’s nobody that he’s going to be able to fight for a while in the division, especially not ranked above him, so I think I would be the next person in that order to get that fight.Kevin Lee

“But f—k Kevin Lee. I called the guy out for two or three years, he’s turned down multiple fights with me. I have text messages from the matchmakers proving that he’s turned down multiple fights with me.”

If Vick can get past Felder this weekend, he would be back on track and looking to climb up the lightweight rankings with Lee sitting a few spots ahead of him.

On paper, Vick knows the fight still makes sense but he’s spent so much time calling out Lee over the past two years that his interest in the matchup has virtually disappeared.

“If they offer the fight, we’ll see what happens,” Vick said. “I might ask for more money if they ask me to fight him. When I’m asking to fight him, that’s fine I’ll take the fight but if they’re coming to me with the fight, then I think I should get more because I’ve been trying to fight this dude.

“If I fight him, I’ll fight him. If not, I’m not worried about him.”