James Gallagher Promises He’ll Be Fighting for Bellator Gold in Ireland With or Without Darrion Caldwell

August 16, 2018

James Gallagher is a goal oriented fighter.

Much like his famous teammate Conor McGregor did when he first burst onto the scene in the UFC, Gallagher has promised big results after signing with Bellator MMA and thus far he’s delivered.

Gallagher is 4-0 thus far in his Bellator career with three of those wins coming by submission. He’ll look for No. 5 this weekend when Gallagher faces Ricky Bendejas at Bellator 204 in South Dakota.

With a win, Gallagher is confident that will secure his long awaited shot at the title as he hopes to face reigning bantamweight champion Darrion Caldwell in his native Ireland later this year.

The only problem is Caldwell has recently bumped up to 145 pounds in hopes of eventually security a second Bellator title, which could delay his next defense at bantamweight.

“There’s nothing getting delayed here,” Gallagher told MMAWeekly. “The training is full steam ahead. I’m in full throttle. I’m moving forward. I’m not looking past my next opponent. I respect him very much and I’m prepared for whatever he brings.

“Then no matter what Darrion Caldwell does, I am fighting for the world bantamweight title in Dublin at the end of this year. “

Gallagher has said that his desire to be champion has nothing to do with Caldwell outside of the fact that he’s holding onto the bantamweight title right now.Darrion Caldwell defeats Leandro Higo at Bellator 195

That’s why Gallagher has said if Caldwell isn’t willing to defend his belt, he’ll take on whoever Bellator puts in front of him — so long as the championship is on the line.

“Whether Darrion Caldwell comes over and fights me or not, I am fighting for the belt at the end of this year,” Gallagher said. “If he doesn’t show up, he’s gone. He’s off. That’s not a champion. A champion shows up wherever he’s called, prepared to defend the belt, prepared to go to war. If he’s not prepared to do that, he’s no champion. If he does, I’m going to be ready.

“I’m going to be ready in Dublin at the end of the year to become champion and lift that title no matter who’s in front of me.”

While Gallagher has performed in front of his home audience previously, nothing compares to fighting for a world title in front of the Irish audience.

That’s why the 21-year old contender is already visualizing that moment where he gets the win and then hoists that title over his head with the Irish faithful rooting him on.

“It’s going to be a sell out. I’m looking forward to walking in there, raising my home country’s flag and then raise that world title in front of them,” Gallagher said. “I can’t wait to win that title, jump over the cage and run out into the crowd and celebrate with them.

“Cause that’s what I am, I’m one of them. I’m just a positive Irishman who wants to see other Irish people and other people around the world to see good in what they’re doing.”