Jake Shields, Thomas Denny, Conor Heun and Others Beat Up Bullies

Former Elite XC welterweight champ turned Strikeforce fighter Jake Shields is in Utah along with former Elite stablemates Thomas Denny and Conor Heun, filming the new MTV series “Bully Beat Down,” hosted by the always-colorful Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

The concept of the show, originally reported by MMAInsider in October as an Elite XC-helmed venture produced by reality kingpin Mark Burnett, involves singling out town bullies to fight with professional fighters for cash.

Enter professional bullies Shields, Denny, and Heun.

Shields tells MMAInsider that former Elite executive Jeremy Lappen recruited them to appear on the show, and Shields was a part of its pilot in December.

“I get to be a good guy bully,” he said. “It’s pretty cool.”

Shields will log two days on the show’s set and will appear on two of its eight episodes, scheduled to debut sometime this summer.

Show contestants will have 2 rounds with the professional fighters–one 3-minute round of grappling and one 3-minute round of kickboxing with pads and headgear. Alas, Shields and co. are not allowed to elbow the lions-turned-lambs on the ground.

“That would be nice,” he laughs.

As you can imagine, Shields is not losing sleep over the fights.

“I’m going to go run tonight,” he said. “Just for fun. The guy I’m going up against is a good wrestler, so I better take it a little serious, but it’s two 3-minute rounds. Nothing serious.”