Jake Shields says, "I had my own Nate Diaz moment" with Paul Daley

Before Jake Shields and Paul Daley went to battle last Saturday night, the two welterweights almost came to blows after they weighed in according the EliteXC champion during a recent appearance on MMAWeekly Radio.

Shields said the two fighters were squaring off following the weigh-ins and Daley kept saying “I’m going to knock you out” and eventually the two ended up with a pushing and shoving match in front of the media and crowd in attendance.

Shortly after the ruckus on stage, members of the media noted that the curtains behind the main staging area were flying and noise could be heard from the back.

Sure enough, Shields and Daley were going after each other, trying to get their fight going a day early.

According to Shields the fighters were never able to actually get at one another, but the California native says that a few water bottles were thrown between the two and although his teammate, Nate Diaz (who has water bottle chucking experience) wasn’t there, he held his own and now has his “water bottle” story.

Another interesting note from the actual fight is that Shields says Daley was attempting to eye gouge him during takedown attempts.

Shields explained that Daley put his finger in his eye when he was shooting in for a takedown and that the referee issued a warning for the initial offense, but Daley committed the foul a second time during the bout.

In the end the champ suffered only a severe case of red-eye, but a dangerous foul nonetheless.