Jake Shields Blasts Antifa After Saving Trump Supporter from Getting Beaten

Former Strikeforce champion and UFC veteran Jake Shields recently, if not unexpectedly, became the center of a political firestorm.

Shields was in attendance at what was purported to be a peaceful demonstration in opposition to controversial guest speaker Milo Yiannopoulos on the University of California, Berkeley campus. Only, according to Shields, the demonstration turned out to be anything but a peaceful demonstration.

“There were hundreds of them in masks attacking, the rest of them were cheering them on, like it was a good thing. It was a witch hunt out there. It was not a peaceful protest,” said Shields who was trying to stop rioters from hurting people they were calling “Nazis.”

In the aftermath of the riot, Shields posted a video of him confronting two men to his Twitter account, explaining how he entered the fracas to save a man he described as a Trump supporter, who was being attacked by several masked assailants.

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In a recent interview with Steven Crowder (watch the interview below), Shields went into further detail about the situation and his involvement, calling on his “liberal friends to push back against this, this is not okay, this is not what our values represent.”

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