Jake Paul teases move to MMA: ‘Working with a big organization’

September 29, 2022

‘The Problem Child’ Jake Paul has his next boxing bout lined up against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva coming up on Oct. 29, but mixed martial arts may be in the YouTube creator turned professional boxer’s future plans.

During the latest episode of his BS w/ Jake Paul podcast, Paul revealed that he’s working with a ‘big organization’ to eventually fight MMA.

“I’ve got an announcement coming soon,” Paul said. “I can just tease that, that I’m working with a big organization right now on a whole thing in MMA that also has to do with me fighting and we’re gonna have an announcement soon because I want to do it.”

The 25-year old was an amateur wrestler as a youth. He’s been a boxer for the last few years. He says that he also knows jiu-jitsu. Before stepping into the cage, Paul wants to focus on throwing and defending kicks, and he already has an MMA gym picked out.

“Javier Mendez said he would train me. So I’ll go to AKA (American Kickboxing Academy). I’ll probably need like a year, a year and a half to get the kicks down. I already know jiu-jitsu,” he said. “I wanna be able to do everything in there. At least checking kicks. I know how to wrestle already.”

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