Jake Paul says UFC fighters are ‘a bunch of f**king p**sies’

YouTube content creator turned professional boxer Jake Paul has built his fighting career largely off of beating former UFC fighters.

Paul made his pro boxing debut in January 2020 against fellow YouTube star AnEsonGib and won by technical knockout. In his second outing, Paul faced former NBA player Nate Robinson and won by KO. From there, Paul target former UFC welterweight Ben Askren and scored another knockout win.

In his fourth professional boxing match, Paul took on former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and narrowly won by split decision. With a 4-0 record, Paul was expected to face the first boxer of his career, Tommy Fury, in December 2021. Fury was forced out of the bout and Woodley stepped in as a replacement.

Paul knocked Woodley out in the rematch and has had many back-and-forth social media exchanges with current and former UFC fighters. Most recently, former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and Paul had words.

But with the 43-year old Bisping last fighting in November 2017, it seems unlikely that fight would come to fruition. Paul agreed that Bisping was a ‘silly’ call out, and believes that he’d finish ‘The Count’ inside of one round.

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““I also think it’s a silly callout,” Paul said about Bisping during the Taylor-Serrano open workouts. “That’s an easy fight for me, it’s a one-round fight, he’s an old guy. Here’s the thing about me, if someone talks s**t, I have to f**k them up. I have a f**king problem in my head. If someone talks s**t, let’s f**king settle it in the ring. Let’s see if you’re really about that or if you’re just talking on Twitter. You feel me?

“These guys who think they’re so tough, these ‘UFC champions’ who think they’re so tough, I’ll be that f**k out of all of them. And I’ve got time. I’ve got time to do it. I’m young, so any of them can get it. As fast as we get these deals done I’m knocking them all out.

“So Bisping wants to talk s**t. Cool. Let’s get in the ring motherf**ker. You p**sy. If anyone wants to talk s**t, get in the ring you p**sy. [Jorge] Masvidal, you p**sy. All these guys are all talk, they’re cap, and their dad Dana [White] f**king owns them. They’re a bunch of f**king p**sies that hide behind the f**king contract.”