Jake Paul says Nate Diaz would be ‘easy work’

Jake Paul is still riding high from his win over former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in a boxing match on Saturday.

Following the win, Paul called out former UFC fighter Nate Diaz. He took further aim at Diaz during the event’s post-fight press conference. On Monday, Paul threw more shade at Diaz saying a matchup between the two would be ‘easy work.’

“If he’s actually out of his UFC contract, I would be down. I just beat one of the greatest MMA fighters of all-time. Nate Diaz is easy work. Anderson Silva is way more difficult than Nate Diaz,” Paul said on The MMA Hour.

“He’s like slow and at the end of his career. Like, he’s lost it as far as striking. Maybe he still has jiu-jitsu, but as far as like striking and all that, he’s just like a street fighter,” continued Paul. “Boxing is like a purist sport. It’s an art, and you can’t come in a street fight someone in a boxing match.”

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