Jake Paul, Nate Diaz and Ben Askren trade jabs on Twitter

Who had Jake Paul and Nate Diaz fighting about wrestling on Twitter on your bingo board?

On Tuesday, the YouTuber turned boxer and the fan-favorite UFC fighter got into it on Twitter over wrestling skills, because apparently, neither one of them had anything better to do.

The whole thing started when Diaz commented on a BJ Penn story where Ben Askren was quoted saying that Paul was “kind of good” at boxing. Diaz then took aim at Askren tweeting, “Coming from a retired wrestler who can’t fight or box.”

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Paul was tagged in the tweet and quote tweeted Diaz’s slight and wrote, “you have 6 times as many losses as Ben Askren Let that sink in.”

Diaz wasn’t going to let himself be insulted and fired back with, “He sucks jake You’d get smoked n a real fight tho You can’t really fight Boxing matches with wrestlers only Let that sink in.”

But it didn’t even stop there.

Askren also piped into the conversation, tweeting a challenge to Diaz.

“Nate is right, I suck at boxing. He sucks at MMA. If he wants me to prove it I can be in the USADA pool tomorrow. Would be happy to be the last fight on his contract.”

The argument continues to rage on with Paul tweeting that he “owns Stockton” and Askren telling a fan, “You would have to be an idiot to think Nate beats me in an MMA fight.”