Jake Paul isn’t interested in boxing Cowboy Cerrone: ‘Tired of beating these old dudes’

Jake Paul has made a name for himself within the boxing world for better or worse. But part of that legacy comes with the stigma that he only fights (and beats) older fighters.

That’s something he’s looking to change in 2023, and part of the reason he isn’t interested in fighting 39-year-old retired UFC fan favorite, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

“I don’t know, I’m kind of tired of beating these old dudes up like that, you know what I’m saying,” Paul told The Schmo. “I’m just trying to get someone in there who is younger, but they’re all scared. They’re just trying to protect their record.”

These comments come after Cerrone said he would like to box Paul.

“Would I like to fight him?” Cerrone told Thicc Boy Studios. “How could I say no to millions of dollars? I would definitely go out there and do it, but I’m not sitting here saying, ‘Jake you’re a YouTuber, you’re not worth a f*ck, blah blah blah.’ No, man. You’re making money and if you want to throw some money my way, I’m with you.”

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