Jake Paul calls Daniel Cormier an ’embarrassment’

After shaking up the combat sports world with his presence at UFC 261 just weeks after knocking out Ben Askren in less than one round, YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul is back at it.

This time “The Problem Child” is mixing it up with one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all-time, Daniel Cormier.

The two have gone back and forth on social media in the past few weeks, but ultimately the spat culminated with DC approaching Paul and exchanging some hostile words with him at UFC 261.

On Monday, Paul gave his side of the story.

“So we get to the seats and of course, I’m sitting like, directly behind the commentators booth,” Paul said to ESPN. “The crowd like sees me starts chanting ‘F–k Jake, f–k Jake Paul’, and DC turns around and sees me and he’s like, staring right at me looking like he’s pissed off.

“I see him take his headphones off and come charging at me, like a fast paced walk. Before he gets face to face with me, he’s like, ‘This isn’t a game. This isn’t a game. You better not disrespect me. You better not disrespect me. I’m going to punk you keep my name out of your  f—–g mouth’,” Paul said. “I think his goal was to scare me or intimidate me. You know? He came up you know all macho and like, fast and violently like put his finger like right in [my] face. And I was just like, okay guy, you’re not scary. You’re 5-[foot]-8 and chunky boy. I think when he realized, like, bro, I’m not intimidated by you at all. Like, we can run it right now. Like, if you want to do something do it right now.”

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Paul also claimed “DC” said he was going to slap Paul when he saw him, and took issue with the fact that he did not.

“He said ‘If I ever see Jake Paul, I’m going to slap him. I’m going to slap him in the face’, and then he sees me. I’m right there, arm’s length and he does nothing. It’s funny, it’s funny to me,” Paul said. “I saw he said something about like, ‘Oh, I couldn’t have beat him up because I was at work and I would have gotten in trouble’. Like, bro, are you about your sh-t? Or are you not about your sh-t? Dana White wouldn’t have done anything if you wanted to lay hands on me.

“You had your chance, and you bitched out, and it’s embarrassing, and you’re an embarrassment, and you’re not a man of your word.”

Cormier has yet to respond to Paul’s most recent verbal jabs, but it is crystal clear that “The Problem Child” is living up to his nickname.