by Al Yu – MMAWeekly.com
Growing up in Indiana, Jake O’Brien dreamed about one day fighting in the UFC. Last August, his dream became reality as he made a successful debut in the premiere MMA organization in the U.S. Coming off of a victory over Josh Shockman at UFC 65, “Irish” looks to extend his undefeated streak and progress as a heavyweight fighter.

“I’m not in a hurry. I’m young, so I want to get some experience,” said O’Brien humbly. “This next fight I’m going to have, I can’t say who yet, but it’s definitely a step up; it will put me right into the mix of top guys if I win this fight.”

O’Brien confirmed that he will be fighting on the Ultimate Fight Night card on the 25th of January. There has been speculation that Jake will face a big-named opponent. Who will his opponent be? “Everybody will know about it, but I can’t say anything yet. It’ll be exciting,” said O’Brien.

“He’s a star already, everybody will know who he is,” added the former Purdue wrestler. “He fought everybody, a tough guy.”

Recently, O’Brien had the opportunity to train in Big Bear, California a popular location for fighters to prepare. “When you’re working out and you come home, you don’t have a million things to do,” said O’Brien of his experience at Big Bear. “You’re not running around all day; it’s nice to really relax and concentrate on the fighting.”

At UFC 66, Tito Ortiz will have a chance to avenge a loss to Chuck Liddell in one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history. Helping Tito prepare in Big Bear, O’Brien spoke about his time spent with the former UFC champion.

“He [Ortiz] had a lot of good guys to push him. He’s ready,” commented Jake. “We worked real hard and he’s going to be at his best. I heard from everybody how hard he works…I found out it’s true. There’s no secret to why he’s in such good shape for every fight.”

“I think he’s going to win. I really like Tito a lot and I think he’s going to do it this time,” added O’Brien.

“The UFC is an organization that everybody wants to fight in. To be able to fight this young, this early in my career is like a dream,” elated O’Brien. “It’s going great so far; I’ve got some big things coming up.”