Jacob Volkmann Ready to Call Out the UFC Instead of Obama Cause He Wants Top Ten Opponents

Five fights in the lightweight division have equaled five wins for Jacob Volkmann, but what it hasn’t produced is a slot on the main card or an opponent he really wants to face.

Never one to hold his tongue, Volkmann was adamant following his last win over former Ultimate Fighter winner Efrain Escudero that he wanted to start dipping into top ten waters.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva didn’t agree with him and now Volkmann faces British submission specialist Paul Sass on the UFC 146 prelims on Facebook. In other words, Volkmann struck out twice for both things he was hoping for with his next bout.

“I was hoping for a top ten (opponent), I’ve won my last five in a row, I thought I would at least get a top 20 guy. Top ten would be ideal, but I guess you wish in one hand and poop in the other,” Volkmann told MMAWeekly Radio prior to his fight.

“It’s extremely frustrating. You’re not on the main card, you’re not going to get the sponsors you want, it’s hard to move up in the rankings when you’re not on the main card cause a lot of people don’t know you, they don’t see us so in the rankings you’re kind of biased. It’s frustrating.”

If there has been a knock on Volkmann thus far in his UFC career it’s that his stifling and dominant wrestling don’t necessarily produce quick fire finishes or knock down, drag out fights. The Minnesota based lightweight says that just because some internet reporter doesn’t find his style appealing doesn’t mean he’s ever going to change.

“It’s based on some turn over there on the other side of the screen putting blogs on saying I’m a boring fighter, and they don’t want to put a boring fighter on TV cause some turd over there doesn’t understand the sport. Makes me angry right now talking about it,” said Volkmann.

“I’m always going to stick to my strengths and I’m not going to go away from it unless the guy actually defends the takedown.”

Volkmann has learned watching enough other fighters change their style to appease the fans, only have the end result be losing.

When the subject is brought up, Volkmann only coughs and says “Gray Maynard, what?”.

Whether you love him or hate him, Jacob Volkmann is brutally honest and he’s never going to back down from what he does well in the cage or what he has to say about it outside the Octagon.

For his fight this weekend, Volkmann faces undefeated British fighter Paul Sass, who has ended more than a few fights with his devastating submission game. Seeing what his opponent does well, Volkmann admits that this match-up probably isn’t the barnburner that’s going to earn him a spot on the main card, but if his plan goes right, it will earn him a win.

“It might be a boring fight, I’m being honest it’s gonna be a boring fight. Unless I get a submission locked up or an opportunity for a submission, I’m not going to chance it,” Volkmann stated.

“Cause I’m going to control the pace of this fight. He’s a little bit too dangerous to create scrambles with.”

Honesty has got Volkmann in hot water before like after his win at UFC 125 when he said he’d like to fight President Barack Obama, and it earned the chiropractor a visit from the Secret Service. His outspoken comments have also cost him a couple of suspensions from his job as a youth wrestling coach in Minnesota as well.

But the fact is Volkmann won’t be silenced and if his performances in the cage don’t earn him the fights he wants, then maybe speaking his mind will.

“Maybe I should start calling out the UFC instead of Obama,” Volkmann joked.

“If I win this next fight and (Joe) Rogan interviews me, I already have planned what I want to say. Don’t worry it’s not about Obama.”

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