Jacob Thrall expects a ground fight with Cortavious Romious at Shamrock FC 317

Over the course of his first two years as a pro, bantamweight up and comer Jacob Thrall’s career has gone just about as well as he could have hoped.

In six fights, Thrall has finished all four of his victories, and has yet to be finished in his two non-wins.

“I’ve only had a single loss and a draw, which probably could have gone my way or the other way,” Thrall told MMAWeekly.com. “I think it’s gone pretty well so far. I’ve definitely progressed since my first few fights as a pro. I just want to keep on growing and getting better.”

Since turning pro in June of 2017, Thrall believes his game has grown exponentially, and now he can let the fight play out more naturally rather than trying to force it into a singular comfort zone.

“At first I used to just be a wrestler and only used my takedowns, but now I’ve got to the point where I can use my stand-up to set up my takedowns,” said Thrall. “I feel like everything is coming together pretty smoothly.

“When you go out there and let things flow and let things come naturally everything seems to be a little bit easier. People get caught up on looking for one specific thing and it ends up being their downfall when they’re in the fight.”

On Saturday in Kansas City, Missouri, Thrall (4-1-1) will look to pick up his fourth win in a row when he faces Cortavious Romious in a Shamrock FC 317 main card lightweight bout.

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“We’re about the same size, he’s undefeated, I only have one loss, so in that area I think it’s going to be pretty well even,” Thrall said of Romious.

“I see myself having a little bit better ground game than him. I see it kind of going that way. He’s definitely a strong wrestler with good stand-up, but I think it’s going to be on the ground for most of the fight.”

While he’s not one to look too far ahead normally, Thrall feels like 2019 could provide him the opportunity to step up to the next level in one form or another.

“I’ve got to go fight-by-fight, that way I’m not looking ahead of this (upcoming bout),” said Thrall. “I’m not overlooking any fights by any means, but I do see myself fighting on a bigger stage by the end of the year.”