Jacob Hebeisen Looking to Make Waves and Stay Busy in Legacy FC Debut

Though he’s been in MMA for nearly 10 years, flyweight prospect Jacob Hebeisen has seen less cage time than he would like.

Averaging just one fight a year due to a myriad of issues, Hebeisen hopes to buck that trend in 2016, having signed with Legacy FC, and build the type of career he’s always wanted.

“Overall, my career has not been super-active,” Hebeisen told MMAWeekly.com. “The last time I fought was over a year ago. I’m hoping to change that this year.

“Some (of the lack of activity is due to) circumstances, some injuries and fights falling out. In this light of a weight class (at flyweight) there’s not a ton of fighters.”

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Most recently, Hebeisen fought in January of 2015, following a prolonged absence, and managed to pick up his second straight win against Varon Webb. And while he’s pleased with the outcome of his past two fights, he’s not completely pleased with how he won.

“My last fight (against Webb) I won, but it didn’t go well,” Hebeisen said. “I wasn’t doing well up until the point I won the fight. That’s the fight game for you.

“The first fight with CJ (Hamilton in 2013) was a close fight. I know he wasn’t happy with the decision. Seeing how the judges scored the fight, he’s wanted a rematch ever since.”

When Hebeisen (7-3) makes his Legacy FC debut on April 8 in Atlanta, Ga., he’ll have that long-awaited rematch with Hamilton (7-4) in a 125-pound main card bout.

“They’ve been trying to do this rematch since the day after it happened,” said Hebeisen. “I have nothing against CJ, but I wanted to fight somebody different before the rematch. It just took years to set up.

“I’m a different fighter, he’s a different fighter, it’s been over a year (since our first fight) and that’s a long time. I’m sure we’ve both improved and grown. I’m sure it will be a different fight.”

While a lack of activity has plagued his career so far, Hebeisen is hoping to remedy that problem in 2016, while remaining focused on each fight as they come.

“I’d like to have three or four fights a year, starting this year,” Hebeisen said. “I want to stay healthy and be active. But right now right my focus is on CJ, and after that we’ll figure it out.”

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