Jack Mason Is Tired of Not Getting Fights Because of Politics

February 3, 2011

Jack Mason

Jack Mason

Jack Mason is a busy boy. On top of fighting this weekend at UCMMA, he also has fights lined up in Poland for April at the ever-expanding KSW promotion as well as a defense of his CFC Middleweight belt 4 weeks before he hits Eastern Europe.

All he has to do at the moment is get past former heavyweight Denniston Sutherland.

“He’s had some tough fights and never backed down from anyone, he doesn’t pick opponents, he fought John Philips, Tom Watson, Alex Makhonin, Claudio Henrique Da Silva and so on, that’s what I wanted to fight him,” said Mason.

Interestingly, Mason is referencing fights that Sutherland has had in the Middleweight division, but who could forget his first Professional MMA fight as a Heavyweight where he literally threw 330lbs man-monster Neil Grove around the cage, clearly, his opponent is very strong.

“I know he will be strong, but I train with some strong guys too like Karlos Vemola, Ben Smith and some other huge heavyweights, I don’t think strength will be so much of a factor as I am confident I will match up well with him in that area”

So, if Mason is ruling out the strength aspect, what does he rate as Sutherland’s biggest weapons?

“He has good hands, pretty good wrestling, decent takedown defense, good movement and he is good in top position as well, I have no idea what he is like off his back but I intend to find out. Essentially I look at him as a good boxer/wrestler” he explains, adding that he knows he could be forced to go the distance in this bout.

“He never has any problems going the distance, and he will come out well conditioned for this fight, I never saw him have a six pack till recently but when he fought on the EFC tournament he looked sharp and really good against guys like Steven Dossett and Shaun Lomas

“Three fights in one night is tough on anyone and he looked gassed against Henrique. It was a ridiculous amount of fights to be having in one evening and I don’t blame him for that”

Considering that Mason has all the intentions of making a serious career out of fighting, he is at a cross-roads in his life where he has to start making his way through top 10 guys domestically and in Europe. He hopes that a solid win over someone like Sutherland is the springboard he needs.

“I never have problems getting fights, I just don’t seem to get the fights I want because of the fragmented scene and politics,” Mason said. “Some shows don’t have the money to put on the top Brits or get the Euro’s in, but those are the guys I need to fight now, I just want to fight and keep progressing up the ladder”