"It’s A Good Day These Guys Are Gone"

As the building blocks of Elite XC continue to crumble since the announcement of the promotion going out of business came out on Monday, just about everybody under the sun has had an opinion of the short lived MMA organization.

One person in the business who is likely the most important voice to listen to, UFC president Dana White, commented in his personal blog on Wednesday about the company’s downfall.

“Obviously today is a great day in MMA, Pro Elite is dead,” said White.

Never one to hold back his thoughts, White also unloaded on former Elite XC live events president, Jeremy Lappen, who has seemingly not had much success in the MMA business, and Dana thinks his college degree might come in handy.

“Jeremy Lappen, the three time loser,” White commented with a laugh. “This guy was in a company called “Battle Management”, then the WFA, and now Pro Elite.”

“Jeremy, you have a law degree, go get a real (expletive) job. Go get a real job, your parents must be bummed out, spend all that money on a law degree, and you’re (expletive) around in MMA, trying to screw up this business. Go screw up somebody’s (expletive) court case or go do something else.”

White also threw in a few comments on the future of former Elite XC vice president Jared Shaw, who along with Lappen have remained silent since their promotion folded earlier this week.

“And then the little rapper kid, you got a rich daddy, you can just live at home with your mom and dad, and live in the basement,” White joked. “You don’t even have to get a job, you can hang out at nightclubs and DJ and go back to the basement and go to sleep, you little (expletive).”

Of course the former head of Elite XC, Gary Shaw, who still has a prominent place in the professional boxing arena, got a shot as well.
“Gary Shaw, he’s going to be around for a long time in boxing. As long as he stays in boxing, all us MMA people can be happy.”

Following speculation that the company paid a fighter to stand-up in a sanctioned bout, an investigation into the allegations by the Florida State Athletic Commission and mounting debt, Elite XC had no other choice but to close up shop, and White is more than happy with the result.

“It’s a good day these guys are gone.”