by MMAWeekly.com
Matsuhiro Ishida recently relinquished his Shooto Welterweight Pacific Rim title following his TKO loss to Takanori Gomi and Pride’s Shockwave show on New Year’s Eve, according to SportsNavi. Ishida is the #9 Lightweight in the MMAWeekly Rankings.

Had he come out of the fight with Gomi unscathed, Ishida was scheduled to defend his Shooto belt on Feb. 17. But due under Shooto rules, a fighter that has been knocked out (a TKO due to strikes falls under this category) is not allowed to fight for at least 60 days. The Feb. 17 date falls within that 60-day ruling.

Due to his inability to defend the belt, Ishida relinquished his title and apologized to fans for not being able to defend his belt enough. Takashi Nakakura (Shooting Gym Osaka) and Mizuto Hirota (GUTSMAN Shooto Dojo) will now compete for the Shooto Welterweight Pacific Rim title.