Is This the Best Conor McGregor Tattoo Ever?

When an athlete reaches the level of fame of a Conor McGregor, there are many ways in which he is immortalized. McGregor has been immortalized many times by fans getting tattoos of their favorite fighter, but how many have really been pulled off to the extent that your jaw drops and you just say, “Wow! That’s incredible.”

Famed tattoo artist Steve Bucher, who spoke to MMA Fighting about a recent McGregor tattoo that he created, inked such a tattoo recently for a fan of the famed Irishman.

“I really wanted to do one of Conor where he had a nice shirt on, his glasses on and he’s smiling, looking like a rich guy,” Butcher told MMA Fighting. “Because I love that about him, that cockiness about him. He wasn’t going for it.”

Though it wasn’t the tattoo that Butcher wanted to do, he performed his magic with the piece that his client wanted, creating the artwork above after many hours of effort.

“It’s a lot of work,” Butcher said. “Achieving the level of detail takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of layers, and a lot of building up the colors and stuff like that. Most of those portraits take about 10-to-12 hours, so it’s hard for the customer to sit there for that long. But I’m pretty gentle, so they seem to last the time.”

Whether or not you like McGregor, the tattoo really is a work of art.