Is Rashad Willing to Slug It Out With Forrest?

Everyone knows Rashad Evans for his obvious strength in wrestling, as displayed in most of his fights, but most prominently against Tito Ortiz. Coming off of his stunning knockout of Chuck Liddell, will the winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 2 chance slugging it out with UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin at UFC 92 on Saturday night?

He sure might.

“When you have a major wrestling background, you learn to use it as a defense. So you know you’re not going to get taken down by somebody and you can take a little bit more chances on your feet and slug it out,” said Evans.

“The hard part is just getting yourself to be comfortable enough to stand up and throw the blows. Sometimes you throw a couple of shots and someone catches you with one and the next thing you know is you want to wrap them up. You’ve just got to ignore that instinct and you’ve just got to just fight through it.”

So in the first championship battle between Ultimate Fighter winners, will we see an epic battle similar to the Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin fight that launched The Ultimate Fighter franchise?

Who knows? But we’ll find out Saturday night at UFC 92.