by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
Josh Thomson joined MMAWeekly’s SoundOff Radio show Thursday night to discuss his upcoming Strikeforce fight with Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig, his personal feelings about rematches, and his future fight plans for both this year and next. To hear Josh “SoundOff” about all of these things and more, tune in to Damon Martin and Jeff Cain on Thursday’s edition of SoundOff radio in the radio archives.

Saturday, October 7, Josh ‘The Punk’ Thomson steps into the cage with dangerous striker Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig as the co-main event for Strikeforce Fighting Championship’s latest production. Thomson said of his and Ludwig’s fight, “It’s a big fight… we’ve been around the circuit long enough, we probably are the biggest names on this card… as far as talent wise, I’d say Duane and I are the two feature fighters with the most talent,” said Thomson.

Thomson also commented on how he feels that he matches up with Ludwig. “He’s much more dominant on the feet I would say. My standup is not that bad… but the fight is in his favor, because every round we start on our feet… we don’t start on the ground… if we started on the ground I’d be okay with it,” said Thomson.

When asked about his deal with Strikeforce, Thomson said, “My deal with Strikeforce worked out great. I’m able to explore other places… I’m locked in with both places: Strikeforce and Pride. I can fight anywhere that I want, as long as there is approval and it doesn’t overlap with one of their big shows or something like that,” said Thomson.

Thomson also spoke to the guys about his thoughts on rematches.

“It’s a proven fact that 80 percent of all rematches you lose. You lose the second time around, so why would I want to do it? Why even mess with the facts? I’m fine with no rematches. I want to move on and fight someone that I’ve never fought. There’s excitement in that,” said Thomson.

Josh also gave his opinion on titles, and whether or not he wants one.

“To me, to be honest, to me it doesn’t really matter. Titles don’t really concern me. If my name was Chuck Liddell then having a title would matter, because that’s the guy they want to plaster all over every billboard, and he’s collecting all of the benefits of it,” said Thomson. “My marketability comes from my looks and from my exciting fighting style, at least I feel that way… it just doesn’t pan out for us smaller guys,” said Thomson.

Josh went on to say, “If they marketed us like they do a De La Hoya or a Chuck, then I think maybe it would be worth it to have a title, but until then, it’s not really worth it right now. I’m just looking for the biggest payday for each fight, and Strikeforce right now is delivering it. Pride was delivering it a while back, and before that it was the UFC. So, I mean, I’m just going where the money is,” said Thomson.

With this upcoming fight being Josh’s fourth of the year, and his expectant plans to step into the cage once more before the year is over, Thomson’s activity level in the sport seems to be rising.

Josh said, “This will be my fourth fight this year. I’m looking to get five or six fights again next year.”

For now, fans can look forward to an exciting fight between Thomson and ‘Bang’ this Saturday night, and if Josh’s fight plans for the future are realized, we can expect to see ‘The Punk’ on a much more regular basis in the year to come.