Is it True, Did Conor McGregor Just Retire? [Updated]

Conor McGregor set the mixed martial arts world ablaze on Tuesday with six little words on Twitter, “I have decided to retire young.”

Those six words left everyone scrambling, trying to get in touch with McGregor, his management, his training partners… anyone that might know if the brash Irishman is pulling everyone’s leg or if he’s serious.

As of the time of publication, all we have is McGregor’s tweet. He hasn’t added anything further, and the UFC thus far has not returned requests for comment.

It certainly would be a rather abrupt retirement if true. McGregor lost his last fight, a welterweight bout to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 in early March, but he has been on the warpath to UFC 200, where he is scheduled to try and avenge that loss in the main event of the UFC’s biggest event of the year, if not it’s biggest ever.

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At this point in time, it’s all about the tweet and only about the tweet, as we don’t have any further information. Is McGregor tiring of the meteoric rise to superstardom and the pressures that come with it, despite the hefty paydays? Are there circumstances outside of the Octagon pressing him to go in another direction? Did someone hack his Twitter account? Did a cruel friend hijack his phone?

Nobody knows, and we likely won’t until we hear more from McGregor himself. Until then, we’re all left scratching are heads and searching for a way to put out the fire.

UPDATE: A short time after this story went public, McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, posted his own cryptic tweet, saying, “Well, was fun while it lasted.”

Of course, Kavanagh’s tweet, without any further explanation, could have been referring to a legitimate retirement or the end of what was supposed to be a funny joke. He then tweeted a picture, hiding behind a couch.

Where is this story going? We honestly don’t know, but we’re going to stay on top of it until we find out.

Conor McGregor retirement tweet

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