Is GSP vs Anderson Silva Closer Than Ever?

February 4, 2009

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva

World's #1 Middleweight: Anderson Silva

When a fighter clears out a division like Anderson Silva has, or Georges St. Pierre could if he defeats Thiago Alves, bigger challenges await and the talk of super fights begin.

Anderson Silva has defended his Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight title five times and has gone up to the light heavyweight division and knocked out UFC veteran James Irvin.

Georges St. Pierre has beaten the who’s who of the welterweight division since making his Octagon debut at UFC 46, five years ago on Jan. 31, 2004.

Both fighters are widely considered the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world, and St. Pierre welcomes the opportunity to fight Anderson Silva.

“Of course it would be something very interesting for me,” said the UFC welterweight titleholder. “If the timing is right and everything goes according to plan, and it’s something the UFC would do, it’s something that may be for the future interesting.

“To tell the truth, the primary reason I do this sport, it’s not for the fame. It’s not for the money because when I started I was a nobody and I didn’t have money. I do it for myself. I like the challenge,” added the French-Canadian. “I like the satisfaction of what a victory gives. And it’s very important to me that I always find new challenges for a personal accomplishment.”

Before St. Pierre can seriously entertain the thought of actually fighting Anderson Silva, he and Anderson have to get past their next opponents. Silva is scheduled to fight Thales Leites on April 18 at the Bell Center in Montreal, Canada, and St. Pierre is expected to defend his belt against Thiago Alves with a date and venue yet to be determined.

“It depends on the outcome of my fight, of his fight,” said St. Pierre. “I’m a very proud champion. I always look for the best challenge, and right now I think the next in line is Thiago Alves. He’s the best guy right now. And I’m glad to fight him.”

At the end of the day, a super fight between St. Pierre and Silva is in the hands of the UFC.

“It’s up to the UFC,” stated the 27-year-old fighter. “And one day, if I have to do it, it would be something that I have to plan correctly. And I’d have to put some extra time in my training because I’m going to have to gain some weight. I’m going to do it in a good way.”