Speculation has run rampant about the future of Nick Diaz. There were some things backstage that did not sit well with management before the fight even began.

Apparently it stems from a backstage incident between Diaz and Sanchez. There obviously was some heat before the fight started between the two fighters. One fighter who competed on the show told MMAWeekly.com quote, “It was bizarre before the fight. We were all warming up backstage and Diaz and Sanchez were verbally jawing one with another. There isn’t a whole lot of room backstage. Then Diaz took off his shoe and threw it at Diego. They almost had a brawl backstage before the fight even started.”

Diaz didn’t make many friends in the crowd either watching live at the Hard Rock Hotel. Before the fight started, Diaz flipped off Sanchez across the ring and yelled some profanities at him. The crowd watching in attendance that was already pro-Sanchez started booing Diaz at the gesture. Was it part of Diaz’s plan to win the psychological war by playing mind games? Probably. The biggest argument against that though was the problem that this was on Spike TV, not pay per view television. People are much more lenient on pay per view compared to free tv.

As far as Diaz’a contract goes, this was NOT the last fight on Diaz’s contract as a few websites had reported, but with any contract once you lose a fight you can be cut at anytime.

MMAWeekly Radio host and former UFC Fighter Frank Trigg talked about UFC contracts today on the radio show. Trigg said, “People think that since you are cut from your contract that you will never be back. That isn’t the case. Somewhere down the road, guys come back. I think Ivan Salaverry will be back and other guys will be back. Bottom line, it’s business. If you are making $10,000 for your first fight, $15,000 for your second and $20,000 for your third fight of a contract, it’s smart for Zuffa to cut you after your second fight if you lose. Then they don’t have to pay you 20 grand for your last fight. Instead, if you lose, then they can pay you less money which is good business period. As far as Diaz goes, it could go either way. If he pissed them off, he won’t be back; if they know it was gamesmanship, then he will.”