Is Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen 2 Finally Set?

March 21, 2012

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117It’s just about the worst kept secret in MMA.

Everybody knows that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will next defend his title against top rated challenger Chael Sonnen in a rematch that is sure to be one of the most watched pay-per-views of the year.

The only problem is the fight still has not officially been signed or agreed up for any particular event.

Sonnen spoke out about the highly publicized rematch when appearing on UFC Tonight on Tuesday, where he shed a little bit of new light on the much talked about fight with Anderson Silva.

“I’m telling people I have the fight. I believe it will happen. I believe it will happen in June. I don’t know the venue, I don’t know the exact date, and I haven’t been contacted. I don’t have a contract; I guess that’s my real message,” Sonnen said.

If there is a silver lining to this news, however, it’s that the UFC’s own production team may have given Sonnen the best news he got all week.

The current timeline for Silva vs. Sonnen 2 to take place is sometime in June, and the UFC Countdown show appears to be wasting no time in getting their footage started.

“However, the Countdown show, you know when the UFC comes and out and they film you, they’re scheduled to come out to West Linn, Ore., in two days to film the show,” Sonnen revealed.

“So I go now wait a minute, I don’t have this fight yet, you guys know something I don’t? They said we booked plane tickets, we’re coming out.”

With UFC Countdown now set to film Sonnen while he’s training at his home camp in Oregon, it would almost seem foolish to believe that the fight with Silva won’t take place in June.

There was some speculation about the fight not taking place in Brazil, but sources have indicated to that all signs are pointing towards Sonnen traveling to Silva’s native land for their second encounter.

Between the dates, venues, and the UFC Countdown show, it looks like the saga of putting together Silva vs. Sonnen 2 might finally be coming to a close.

“So read between the lines,” Sonnen said about the Countdown show coming to film him. “I took that as really good news.”

Brazil remains the targeted destination, but the last pieces of the puzzle still have to fall in place regarding the actual date and location for the show. The UFC has been looking at Sao Paulo, but are reportedly having trouble locking down the desired venue there, so they may have to go back to Rio de Janeiro again, although nothing has been locked in as of yet.

Still nothing appears to be in the way of this juggernaut main event from landing in Brazil in June.

Unless something catastrophic happens though in the next few weeks, Silva vs. Sonnen 2 should finally become official.

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