photo courtesy of kodvds.com
MMAWeekly.com has learned that Mike Tyson will be in attendance for the K-1/ROTR card on July 29th to watch the BJ Penn vs. Renzo Gracie fight.

“Yeah we’ve heard the same thing”, said JD Penn, promoter of Rumble on the Rock. “It will be good to have him here watching pound for pound the best fighter on the planet.”

MMAWeekly asked Penn what the possibilities would be of seeing Tyson fight in K-1 or Rumble on the Rock. “We definitely will be talking to him about it. We would love to see BJ Penn fight against Mike Tyson in either K-1 or Rumble on the Rock.”

Tyson was offered to fight in K-1 a year ago and at that time thought about it and later turned it down. It looks as though K-1 would try once again to land Mike Tyson who needs the money.

Tyson owed the IRS about $35 million back in 2004. He paid about 14 million of that last year with a settlement he had with Don King. This year he was planning on fighting every few months to help pay back that debt, but was beaten by journeyman fighter Kevin McBride a few months ago, then immediately said he would retire after the fight.

Don’t be surprised if K-1 offers him plenty of money to fight for the organization and it will be interesting to see if he takes the offer this time around since he needs the money. BJ Penn is hoping he takes the fight in K-1 so Penn could get a shot at the former world champ.