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MMAWeekly TV now features a video interview with Mark Hunt, less than 24 hours before his fight with Josh Barnett in the second round of Pride’s Open Weight Grand Prix.

When asked about Josh Barnett’s recent comment that he might stand and trade strikes with him, Hunt replied, “He can say that, but as far as trading strikes with somebody, usually they feel the strikes, and then they change [their mind]… when he feels how strong my strikes are, he will resort back to what he knows best [the ground game].”

In other parts of this interview, Hunt talks about how his MMA skills have evolved since he debuted in MMA just two years ago.

Plus, Josh Barnett stops by at the end of the interview for some friendly banter with Hunt, and then the two of them agree to a little test to see if Barnett can lift Hunt.

You can check out the complete video interview with Mark Hunt right now in the Behind the Scenes section of MMAWeekly TV.