by Tom Call
David Terrell is one of the top ranked 185lbs fighters in the world, but everyone has been wondering what happened to Terrell after his loss to Evan Tanner.

Terrell will be making his return to the Octagon at UFC 54 from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. Terrell takes on the tough South African Trevor Prangley in what should be a tremendous fight.

David sat down and answered a few questions about the Tanner fight, his team affiliation status, and of course Trevor Prangley.

MMAWeekly’s Tom Call – Davie you make your much anticipated return at UFC 54. What style of fight do you expect from Trevor Prangley ?

David Terrell -Trevor is a strong wrestler, with Muy Thai/BJJ training: I expect a varied attack.

Tom Call – What do you know about him? Have you seen him fight?

DT -He is a “big” 185lb. Very good conditioning as can be seen by the number of decision victories. I have watched his UFC fight.

TC – You are known for your ground game however most MMA have not seen that part of your game. Is this the fight where you showcase that part of your game?

DT -I would expect so. He is so experienced, I do not expect to catch him with anything big early on….and at some point we will tussle on the mat.

TC – Is the mental aspect of the fight any different coming off a loss?

DT – Yes. My aerobic conditioning is better at this point. However, I never take any fight for granted.

TC – In your last fight you were a couple of pounds over weight at the weigh in. Was that a factor in the fight? If yes will you handle that process different for this fight?

DT – Was it a factor? Yes. Was Evan the better fighter that night: Yes. However, my diet and discipline are much better at this stage prior to the fight. Making 185 lb will be no problem at all.

TC – Do you ever see yourself fighting at 205?

DT – Likely in 4-5 years.

TC – There were a lot of rumors about you changing teams and
joining Brazilian Top Team. In fact this website reported you were in Brazil and contracts were even being discussed. Can you describe that series of events?

DT – I can give you the short version. I did in fact, travel to Brazil to train with BTT. Going there, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, this was a great opportunity to train with the best BJJ team. On the down side, I would have had to cut ties with Cesar Gracie and his team.
This also had ramifications for NorCal Fighting Alliance. Bottom line, I did not sign a contract, got really sick on top of that, and came home.

TC – Did the outcome of the Evan Tanner fight give you reason to consider changing teams?

DT – It was a factor. But training with the BTT had always been very attractive to me.

TC – How is your relationship with Cesar today?

DT – Good. He still has been the larges influence on my career. Plus, training with some of his guys like the Diaz brothers, Jake, Shields, Gil Melendez, and others, has been great for continuing to try and improve my skills.

TC – Who are your training partners today?

DT – My team at Nor Cal Fighting Alliance and Cesar’s guys mentioned above.

TC – Have you changed your training for this fight?

DT – A little more of everything: aeorobics, sparring at JJ, Muy Thai, a minimum of 4.5 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

TC – What are your goals in the sport?

DT – I want to earn another shot at the UFC 185lb title, win it and defend it successfully a few times. Maybe against a slightly larger Matt Hughes

TC – Who do you enjoy watching in the sport give me one old school and one current?

DT – Old School: Mark Kerr
– Current: Randy Couture

TC – Who do you like to win the Pride Grand Prix? Why?

DT – Wanderlei Silva……..a stud.

TC – I know you fought for Pancrase, a Japanese organization would you like to fight for Pride?

DT – That is something that might certainly work out, at the conclusion of my UFC contract. Would sure be exciting fighting in front of those crowds.

TC – You also have your own fight team what is that like? Have any top prospects?

We have several young enthsiastic, and talented guys. Tyson Griffen for MMA and Rick Cheek for Muay Thai fights are likely the leading guys right now. Tyson is actually fighting for King of the Cage Lightweight Title against Uriah Farber also in August.

TC – Which fighter in the UFC at 185 do you want to fight the most?

DT – As you know, this division is loaded. a) whoever is the champ when I get my next shot. b) Joe Riggs: big mouth c) Matt Lindland- there has been so much written about my “luck” in this match, and I have so much respect for him, this would be a great re-match.

TC – I know sponsors are a big part of the fight game any sponsors you want to mention?

DT – Many thanks to KTFO, Fairtex, and Century Mortage