Interview With Cesar Gracie

by Tom Call

Cesar Gracie and Frank Shamrock at Strikeforce

Cesar Gracie and Frank Shamrock at Strikeforce

Cesar Gracie and Frank Shamrock have been talking about fighting each other for years and now it looks like it will finally happen.

The fight is scheduled for October 1st at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. Cesar Gracie and Frank Shamrock will finally settle their differences as MMA’s version of the Hatfield and McCoy’s add another chapter. The contracts are signed. MMAWeekly’s Tom Call sat down with Ceasar Gracie to talk about the fight.

Tom Call – Cesar, thanks for taking some time to speak with me regarding your upcoming fight with your long time rumored opponent Frank Shamrock.

Cesar Gracie – No problem

TC – How was the fight finally put together? It has been rumored for some time in several organizations; especially, WEC and Rumble on the Rock?

CG – Scott Coker who is affiliated with K-1 America is primarily responsible for making it happen.

TC – Is this a K-1 event?

CG- No, I believe Scott is starting a new organization and this will be the first sanctioned MMA event in California .

TC – Can you tell anything more about the card itself?

CG – I believe it will be a mix of MMA matches and kickboxing. Gilbert Melendez may be competing on the card also.

TC – Do you think it will really happen this time?

CG – Frank sure acted like he wanted the fight pretty bad. At Cung Le’s recent fight Frank got in the ring and started taking the WWE approach.

TC – Have you signed a contract?

CG – Yes

TC – Has Frank?

CG – Yes, Scott Coker has told me it is a done deal.

TC- Can you talk about what kind of money is being offered to be the main event on this first sanctioned event in California?

CG – All I can say is they met my demands and Franks, by the way Frank’s demands are considerably higher than mine

TC – Cesar, you are a well know trainer with fighters excelling in organizations all over the world; however, you have never competed in a MMA fight. Do you feel that lack of experience is a disadvantage?

CG – Yes. Frank has considerably more experience than me. I know I am going in as the underdog and I’m ok with that.

TC – How will having a team of world class fighters be an advantage for you?

CG – They say there is no substitute for experience and I plan to draw from my fighters experiences.

TC – Who will be working your corner?

CG – Jake Shields and Nick Diaz

TC – Is the fight going to be in a ring or in a cage?

CG – I am not sure if that has been decided yet.

TC – Are there any special rules we should now about? How long will the fight be scheduled for?

CG – There are no special rules. The fight will be considered a super fight with 3 – 5 minute rounds.

TC – What weight will the fight be at?

CG – 185

TC – Are you going to wear a gi?

CG – No gi.

TC – Are you planning to fight again after this fight or is this just about settling a rivalry?

CG – At this point, I am not looking to start an MMA career….This is much more about my rivalry with Frank Shamrock.

TC – Cesar, thanks for your time and good luck with the fight….put on a good show for us in California

CG – I am honored to be participating in the first sanctioned fight in California and look forward to putting on a great show.