by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com
Tonight marks the first Intense Fighting show of 2007 in Peterborough, England. It promises to be a night of fast-paced action showcasing up and coming talent on the UK scene. From semi-pro to mid-level pro competitors looking to make that step up into serious competition.

Several names are recognized as Intense Fighting regulars such as Roman Webber, Eric Cebac, Michael Tolozgen and Lawson Tennant as well as London Contenders veteran and all round vicious striker Doran “Mad Dog” O’Malley.

Intense Fighting has positioned itself as a feeder show to the Cage Rage network and word is that the London-based promoters will be in attendance scouting for new talent for the main shows.


Will Jackson V Doran O’Mally 83kg
Adam Turner V Roman Webber 93kg
Alan Lee V Rachid Nassoudi 73kg
Antonio Samurai V Eric Cebac 93kg
Norman Paraisy V Lee Threflal 83kg
Lee Coville V Lawson Tennant 60kg
Kris Savin V Johnny Frachey 66kg
Gary Barron V Bertil Queeley 73kg
Enver Eltorikie V Kevin Anderson 76kg
Gena Tkachenka V David Simonek 73kg
Brett Lee V Michael Tolozgen 66kg