Article & Photos by Lee Whitehead, MMAWeekly.com


This show marks the first Cage Rage Contenders show outside London; effectively Cage Rage is working together with the established Intense Fighting promotion run rather effectively by Jay Gilbey.

The philosophy behind Intense Fighting is to showcase up and coming fighters making their pro debuts or within the early stages of a pro fighting career. Of course there are exceptions to the rule with established UK veterans appearing on the card, but primarily this event was dominated by newbie’s keen to prove they can entertain on a card featuring former Cage Rage Featherweight Champion Brad Pickett and BTT standout Lee Elliot.

Highlight of the night undoubtedly goes to the headline fight between Lee Elliot (Brazilian Top Team) and man-monster hybrid Roman Webber (Storm Gym / SSJ). The only way to describe this fight is by drawing comparisons to the war between Cyborg and Manhoef back at Cage Rage 15.

Webber came out charging from the bell looking for a highlight reel KO; whilst denied this he proceeded to land several heavy blows as both fighters stood and traded as though their lives depended on it. Surprisingly for a BTT guy, Elliot showed excellent hand-speed and kicks but once clinched was clearly out-muscled by the larger Webber.

Having spent a sizeable chunk of the first round in the over-underhook position, Webber reigned fists and knees into the side of Elliot with little offensive response. Once they broke however, Elliot found his range and started landing the sharper shots on his slightly gassed opponent. Webber appeared to find a new lease of life following a big hook that sent Elliot reeling but despite his best efforts, was unable to put him away for good before the bell signalled the end of the round.

In out of ring action that affected the outcome of this match, a fight broke out between an audience member and 4 separate spectators prompting a delay of nearly five minutes to the action while the offending “fan” was removed from the building. Upon restarting it was clear that Elliot had benefited more from the pause than Webber; capitalising on a balance mistake from his opponent whilst kicking, he proceeded to pounce and secure side control, working diligently for a keylock. After what felt like an eternity trying to rip the offending limb off his opponent, Webber finally succumbed and tapped out at the 1:59 mark of the second round.

Both fighters should feel proud of their performance despite the unfortunate incident in during the break, letting it all hang out in the cage and fighting like true warriors, they went in to kill each other not play safe!

Brad Pickett came into this fight as a heavy favourite but himself feeling the pressure to perform well as the fighter who took his championship away (Robbie Olivier) was in attendance. What followed was pure Pickett dominance with a display of superior ground control and cage awareness leaving his opponent tied up unable to move due to an inverted triangle and a straight armbar at the same time.

Pickett looked focused and composed throughout the bout en route to the win at the 1:18 mark of the first. He will be back in action at Cage Rage in the New Year on the trail to regain his Cage Rage Featherweight Championship from Robbie Olivier. In the meantime he just needs to secure solid management and sponsorship in order to fully exploit his potential as a fighter! He can be reached at bradz2000@hotmail.com

Full Results:

Lee Elliot def Roman Webber via Keylock 1:59 R2
Brad Pickett def Brett Lee via Straight Armbar 1:18 R1
Robert Powell def Will Jackson via Rear Naked Choke 4:15 R1
Seydina Sec def Alan Lee via Unanimous Decision R3
Michael Tolozgen def Denas Benevillius via Tapout (strikes) 0:43 R1
Eric Cebarec def Shahid Hussain via Armbar 3:10 R1
John McGuire def Michael Pastou via Rear Naked Choke 2:46 R1
Norman Paraisis def Edgarius Pilvinius via Rear Naked Choke 2:46 R1
Tommy McGuire def Tristan James via Armbar 2:59 R1