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PETERBOROUGH, ENGLAND – Following on from what was arguably one of the best small-scale MMA events of 2006 is a hard task, not least of all in the month of January when the average MMA fan is still reeling from the Christmas expenditure and too busy balancing credit card bills to be concerned with attending a show in Peterborough, England. Those Tapout shorts don’t come cheap you know!


The hardcore fans want MMA action, but unfortunately the promoter has needed to shift tickets and in order to achieve this, there are three Cage Kickboxing and a Cage Boxing match to fill the hole in ticket sales. The overall card is a bit of a disappointment, with Michael Tolozgen dispatching of Brett Lee with ease via neck crank and Alan Lee stopping the submission offense of Rachel Nassadi with a ground and pound attack.


It’s not until Jony Fachey takes to the Cage that we are given a taste of the true excitement that surrounds the MMA game. He came in looking calm and confident and literally just overpowered Kris Savin, taking him to the ground, mounting with ease and smashing him to bits with a whirlwind of vicious hammerfists and punches; it didn’t take long for the ref to step in and protect his opponent.


Rafal Dzcibaude, a last minute replacement opponent for Roman Webber, weathered an early onslaught that included a broken nose and proceeded to tie the Intense Fighting regular up with a superior ground game. After a brief interlude to check the nose, they resumed with Webber again bringing the storm. Dzcibaude persevered, took his back and worked for a rear naked choke; unable to secure it, he switched to striking with the hooks in. Webber was unable to shift him and the referee stopped the action because he wasn’t improving his position. Definitely the most exciting fight of the night!


Antonio Samurai vs. Eric Cebarac played out to a near empty house with most of the fans having left following the Charity boxing bout between Gary Baron and Berti Queeley. A shame, as Samurai came out unlike most Brazilians and pushed the stand-up hard and fast, putting Cebarac on the back-foot and unable to find his game. It didn’t take long for Samurai to ground the action and pound out a stoppage at the 1:10 mark of the first.


MMA Results:

Michael Tolozgen def Brett Lee via neck crank 1:02

Alan Lee def Rachel Nassadi via referee stoppage / strikes (GNP) 3:06 R2

Jony Fachey def Kris Savin via referee stoppage / strikes (GNP) 1:13

Rafal Dzcibaude def Roman Webber via referee stoppage / strikes (GNP) 2:58 R1

Antonio Samurai def Eric Cebarec via referee stoppage / strikes (GNP) 1:10 R1


Cage Kickboxing Results:

Pat Owens def Tim Holton via UK

Kevin Anderson def Mick Trott via TKO 0:40 R2

Attila def David Simniel via doctor stoppage (cut) 1:20 R2