by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com
ENGLAND – Intense Fighting 7 played out to a less than half-full house much to the disappointment of local promoter Jay Gilbey. It is apparent with the flood of small promotions in the U.K. waters these days, punters do not appear to have the cash-flow (or inclination) to travel to see many shows – a lot could be down to the fact that there was the D-day show running on the same day in London, maybe its cash-flow from April’s UFC/Cage Rage/Cage Warriors blow-out, or maybe its just because the card isn’t that exciting.

Although I can’t believe I am writing this, the highlights of the night were K1 rules Cage Kickboxing matches and one MMA match, the rest of the card was reflective of fighters starting out or still finding their feet. I believe that Intense Fighting could build some momentum and become a decent feeder show, but some stock changes will need to be made to move forward. Most likely a change of venue to somewhere less remote would help and maybe pick up some fighters who are better known on the Contender circuit. I know everyone needs to start somewhere but if a promotion is going to fight off the upstarts it needs to capitalise on its assets and with the Cage Rage association, I would be knocking on their door saying – lend me some fighters!

MMA highlight goes to John McGuire and Alex Paulys Korsters who took it to each other in brutal, unrelenting fashion after touching gloves. Both fighters were making a serious impression standing and it was only when the fight hit the deck that McGuire appeared to be edging ahead. He mounted his opponent and unleashed a barrage of strikes attempting to stop Korsters. Remaining calm, Korsters finally managed to pull an excellent escape from the bottom and spring back to his feet. Undeterred, McGuire took him down and locked on a front-crucifix and proceeded to pummel until the ref stopped the action.

Berti Queely and David Simonek put on an excellent K1 Kickboxing match that went back and forth for the duration with Simonek landing solid leg kicks throughout, pretty much dominating this aspect of the game. Queely used his boxing experience to level out the low-leg attacks with straight shots down the middle and was clearly better with his hands. Simonek has a seriously solid chin on him and will definitely be one to watch on the circuit. He left himself open at times, but recovered quick from the tags, always remaining composed. Consistently pushing the pace, he landed enough leg kicks and overhand rights to sway the judges in his favour, picking up a win and the admiration of the crowd for his efforts.

In other Kickboxing action, Patrick Owen and Darryl Johnson decided to re-enact their own little Rocky movie with leg-kicks, both keen to put the other down and momentum swaying between the two constantly. Owen looked in danger of being stopped during the first when a series of hooks put him down, but he repaid the standing count by dropping his opponent late in the third via TKO.

Mysala Przemyslaw again showed he is a light-heavyweight on the up with an impressive win over Lee Mal Guinness dominating throughout and stopping the action via Ground and Pound at the 2:26 mark of the first. This win builds on his impressive performance at FX3 and will surely have caught the eyes of other fighters in his category.

In other action, Adam Stanton submitted Shaun Groncell with a rear naked choke. Tommy McGuire again proved that appearances can be deceiving by pounding out Karl Garrat little over a minute into the bout. AJ Wenn submitted Jordan Miller with an armbar, but not after eating a couple of resounding Thai kicks early on. John Rose found himself on the wrong end of a rear naked choke by Matt Splitter. And finally, Enrique Santana scored a win over Ollie Ellis via superior activity in the Cage Grappling match.

Full Results

Adam Stanton def Shaun Groncell via Rear Naked Choke 2:38 R1
Tommy McGuire def Karl Garratt via TKO 1:05 R1
AJ Wenn def Jordan Miller via Armbar 4:14 R1
Piechnik Radoslaw def Colum Gillane via Rear Naked Choke 1:30 R1
John McGuire def Alex Paulys Korsters via TKO 3:30 R2
Mysala Przemyslaw def Lee Mal Guinness via TKO 2:26 R1

Cage Grappling
Henrique Santana def Ollie Ellis via Decision

Cage Kickboxing
David Simonek def Berti Queely via Split Decision
Partick Owen def Darryl Johnson via TKO 3:49 R3