In The War Room w/ Georges St-Pierre

February 1, 2009

Georges St. Pierre at UFC 52

Georges St. Pierre gets a new UFC contract

The war room at Camp St. Pierre must be a busy place before every championship bout, as members of the Canadian fighters’ team put together the perfect game plan to break down the opponent and give their fighter the edge.  The strategy worked to perfection once again on Saturday night, as St. Pierre punished and out worked B.J. Penn on his way to a fourth round stoppage in their championship bout.

Following the win, St. Pierre admitted that it was a loss that turned things around for him and the results have been big win after big

“After my loss to Matt Serra I decided to train more seriously and more professionally, I really changed everything,”  St. Pierre said.

The changes have worked as his team led by famed coach Greg Jackson and others put together the strategy to beat Penn. Even in the first round when St. Pierre was unable to put the Hawaiian on his back, he knew that eventually he’d put the lightweight champion where he wanted him.

“Not at all, it was part of the gameplan, to make the fight very physical, make him hop on one leg, make him push me away, and make his shoulder tired,” St. Pierre responded when asked if he was frustrated by not getting Penn down early.

“If I would have got the takedown, I would get it, but I wasn’t rushing it.  I was like no problem, I’m just going to clinch him and push him away. Make him carry my weight.”

The plan to use the takedown as a weapon to work Penn into exhaustion was possibly the biggest factor in the fight, and St. Pierre
executed it to perfection.

“I knew in the beginning it would have been hard to get the takedown, but I wanted to make him tired, tired, tired as much as I
can,” commented St. Pierre.

Once on the ground, St. Pierre then employed a body shot clinic, hurting Penn with everything in his arsenal while concentrating on the
breadbasket to make him fight for every breath he could muster.

“On the ground my strategy was when I put him down to focus on body shots, not the head,” said St. Pierre.  “So always putting the point of my elbow on his stomach, to make him tired, plus the wrestling, plus the body shots.”

The game plan couldn’t have worked any better, and with the win, St. Pierre holds onto his welterweight title as well as vaulting higher in
everyone’s minds as possibly the best mixed martial arts fighter on the planet.

Admittedly tired from the long and rigorous camp, St. Pierre said he plans on taking a couple of months off to vacation and relax, but then he knows that he has a “Pitbull” named Thiago Alves waiting in the wings.

“I’ll be hungry again,” St. Pierre reassured the media in attendance.