MMAWeekly Staff
Hopefully many of you have seen our recent upgrades on the new site. We have our new RSS system ready and functional. We have also improved our daily news section to make things easier to read for you the fan.

Many of you liked the old layout we had in the past. We have know cleaned up our “Daily News” section to make it much easier to read our news.

You now can open up the daily news in a seperate window. Many of you said you were getting lost trying to read the news and then hit the back button, only to lose where you were at with the news. Now you can open a seperate window and continue where you were before.

We have cleaned things up so the latest news will always go to the top. The Daily News will be updated throughout the day so now it will be that much easier to sift through the stories you want to read and skip over the ones you don’t want to read.

We listen to the fans at all times. Even though we have our new site, remember we will consistantly upgrade the site. We are here for you and we will continue to listen to our readers to continue to make this your site and the best site in MMA.