Impa Kasanganay looking for fifth win of the year at Friday’s LFA 71

Though he was able to have ample success during his amateur career, middleweight up and comer Impa Kasanganay might not have been able to predict the kind of start he’s had off to the first seven months of his pro career.

Since turning pro in January, Kasanganay has fought four times, winning all four bouts, including two fights in the month of March.

“Things are going really well,” Kasanganay told “It’s been crazy. It’s almost like I’m in a movie or living a dream; I couldn’t even explain how things are going.

“Having a great coach, a great team, a great support system help me find these fights and coach me and corner me to these victories. It’s been a great experience so far and I’m looking to keep it going with this fight on Friday.”

While four fights over the course of five months prior to his upcoming bout might seem like a bit too much, for Kasanganay it’s exactly what he wants.

“I like to stay active,” said Kasanganay. “I love fighting. If it were up to me I would fight every single weekend if I could. My thing is fighting as much as possible and showing what I can do.

“I really don’t do anything besides train. I train all day, every day, seven days a week. I never get in and out of fight camp. I don’t like to take days off. I always get to improve between fights. I get to work on my game all the time and constantly build on it. This is my life. This is what I do. I love it. I love all aspects of it.”

At LFA 71 on Friday in Atlanta, Ga., Kasanganay (4-0) will look for his fifth win of the year when he faces Devorious Tubbs (4-3) in a preliminary middleweight bout.

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“I’ve got to be creative, have fun with the fight and do what I love,” Kasanganay said. “I think Tubbs is coming to fight. I know he comes from a great gym. I’ve got to be disciplined and do what I do well. I’ve got to listen to my coaches, listen to them, and be creative.

“I’m grateful that I get to fight Tubbs because I want to fight guys who put their time in and dedicated themselves to it and want to fight. It shows that if I win this fight that the work that I’m putting in with my team is worth it and it pays off.”

Though he’s already had more fights in 2019 than some fighters have in years, Kasanganay is eager to keep things going; the more fights the better.

“10, 20 wins, I’m happy,” said Kasanganay. “I love to fight. I feel it’s a blessing to do what you love. Not a lot of people get to do that.

“When I step across cage from my opponent, it’s not about hatred; it’s about what I do. If I could fight 25 times this year I’d love it. I’m just great to do it this Friday.”