The UFC isn’t the only organization making headlines today. The IFL finds itself front and center on a major magazine. The magazine “INC.” which has a monster distribution deal featured IFL co-owner Gareb Shamus on it’s cover.

The magazine hit newsstands this week. The IFL is getting ready for their launch in a month at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on April 29th and this week the IFL also named a new fighter and a few assistant coaches to the mix.

Former UFC fighter Travis Wiuff will fight under Pat Miletich in the IFL. Miletich also announced that he will have professional fighter Jeff Curran as an assistant coach to help him out with the Silver Back squad along side Nate Schroeder. Bas Rutten and Maurice Smith also announced new assistants as well. Here is the new IFL roster with this week’s additions.

Pat Miletich, Coach
Nate Schroeder, A. Coach
Jeff Curran, A. Coach

LW: Bart Palaszewski
WW: Rory Markham
MW: Ryan McGivern
LHW: Travis Wiuff
HW: Ben Rothwell

Bas Rutten, Coach
Shaun Thompkins, A. Coach
Ron Frazier, A. Coach

LW: John Shackleford
WW: Mike Pyle
MW: Amir Rahnavardi
LHW: Alex Schoenauer
HW: Krzysztof Soszynski

Renzo Gracie, Coach
A. Coach TBD
A. Coach TBD

LW: Eric Owens
WW: Gustavo Machado
MW: Fabio Leopoldo
LHW: Jamal Patterson
HW: Carlos Kline

Maurice Smith, Coach
Michael Murray, A. Coach
Roman Roytberg, A. Coach

LW: Justin Jones
WW: Brad Blackburn
MW: Dennis Hallman
LHW: Reece Andy
HW: Devin Cole