by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
The IFL has now officially arrived in the land of sweet tea and Southern hospitality, and tonight the teams will square of in the Arena at Gwinnett Center here in Duluth, Ga.

The weigh-ins Friday went off without a hitch and all of the fighters made weight and looked ready to put on a good show for the Southern crowd.

The first team match up of the night is between Matt Lindland’s Portland Wolfpack and Carlos Newton’s Toronto Dragons:

-Lightweight: Ian Loveland (153) vs. Waggney Fabiano (154.5)
-Welterweight: Mike Dolce (169.5) vs. Jim Abrille (170.5)
-Middleweight: Matt Horwich (184) vs. Brent Beauparlant (182.5)
-Light Heavyweight: John Krohn (203) vs. Wojtek Kaszowski (204.5)
-Heavyweight: Devin Cole (239) vs. Rafael Feijao (229.5)

The second team match up of the night is between the Igor Zinoviev’s Chicago Red Bears and Renzo Gracie’s Pitbulls:

-Lightweight: Peter Kaljevic (152.5) vs. Erik Owings (153.5)
-Welterweight: Mark Miller (169.5) vs. Delson Heleno (168.5)
-Middleweight: Chris Albandia (184) vs. Fabio Leopoldo (184.5)
-Light Heavyweight: Armin Mrkanovic (203) vs. Dante Rivera (201.5)
-Heavyweight: Mo Fozi (214) vs. Bryan Vetell (216.5)

The Superfight of the evening is between Miletich trained fighter ‘Ruthless’ Robbie Lawler and Brazilian Eduardo Pamplona.

Middleweight Superfight: Robbie Lawler (183) vs. Eduardo Pamplona (184)

A couple of alternates also weighed in Friday:

-Cam Ward (153.5)
-Leonardo Santos (153.5)
-Pavel Zarotka (139)