If UFC Inks Floyd Mayweather, Dana White Refuses to Work ‘Greasy, Slimy Rat’ from Showtime

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Floyd Mayweather continues to insist he wants to fight in the UFC and has begun training to do so. UFC president Dana White is more than happy to welcome the retired boxer to the octagon, believing that whatever the price to make it happen, they can make it happen.

The one cost that may prove to be too steep for White in order to bring Mayweather to the UFC? An insistence to work with Showtime… particularly Showtime Sports executive vice president Stephen Espinoza, whom White deemed a “greasy, slimy rat.”

Mayweather, in an interview on a Showtime boxing broadcast, seamed to say that he might be able to do a one-off fight with the UFC without Showtime’s involvement, but insisted that, if it were a multi-fight deal, Showtime and CBS would have to come along for the ride.

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White wasn’t having any of it. “That ain’t happening. Yeah, (that could be a block). We’ll do it on HBO.”